two music videos of mine

two music videos of mine

I have a little hobby of making different music videos and posting them online. Well here are two Christian music videos that have a positive message.

My dad thinks that the song "Gods going to cut you down " is really dark, which this music video is based upon. Yet, I don't think it is. Every time I hear it I enjoy it because I don't do anything that is really bad, and it makes me think that it helps others to really look at themselves, to see whether or not they need to make changes (I like to pick this song on a juke box at a billiards hall that I go to).

Tell me what you think of this video.

The other video is to the song " The Scientist by cold play". It starts off sad but, it leads up to a positive message. :D

I thought they were very cool, Draverd. Very artistic. The only thing I missed in the moral of the story was that we can't "be strong" in our own selves. Without a super-God's help, it is impossible, so I missed the hero in the stories. Or did I not get it right? I did, like the messages you had at the end. They were positive. You are indeed talented! And doing what you enjoy is very rewarding, no doubt. Carry on! Sweets
What I meant by when I said " Be strong, and do gods will. " is that life may give you hardships. yet, you have to be strong and push forward no matter how hard it may seem, and to stay on the right path.

The main character I use is from the show Cowboy Bebop, which is a Japanese cartoon ( I think it is rated 13+, different rating system) and there is a movie that came out here in the U.S. It is rated R, mainly though for 1 violent scene as far as I can tell. They only say the S word here and there, thats it. I recommend it. It also has a positive message in it.

Sorry I got off topic xD

In the show he is a Bounty Hunter in the year 2076 (I think) and he gos from planet to planet hunting bounties. Well in the show you find out that he used to work for the Japanese Mafia. But, he left that life behind including his girlfriend. I wanted to try to convey that you don't get second chances, (or at least not that often) and that he made mistakes in his life. My point being is to always try and do the right thing and do gods will, even if it seems really hard to. I express this by showing that he makes mistakes in his life , which he reflects upon at one point when things start to go backwards. I hope that makes it easier to understand :)