Unbelief... In My Father's House

Hi forum family I wanted to share something with you all and I'm hoping you'll weigh in...

So this sunday the message for the morning was about a man named Joey who resented his family and hated God for his circumstances. This was contrasted with Joseph and how he handled being mistreated by his brothers and loved God in spite of it all. Long story short Joey lives a destructive life to spite his family and ultimately kills him self. But not before writing a note in which he tells the Assistant Pastor I hope I'll see you on the other side. To this our AP says he hopes that means he gave his life to Christ... But what if he didn't?

This got me thinking: So, if someone you never met before professed they hated everything you stood for but they wanted to move in with you and live with you forever... What would you say? Probably the same thing the God of Abraham will say to the unbeliever... Just something I thought about today

When I posted this on Facebook it bothered one of my friends of many years who is a non-practicing Jew, and so she replied in an effort to refute my statement. So I have two questions for you. Should I not have posted this on FB? and Why do people who swear they do not want or need Jesus or His promised redemption want so badly to be accepted into His heaven? It's killing me...


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Never expect rational thought from irrational people.

Sadly, the most common fault of people like Joey is the constant habit of lying to themselves.
They blame others for their own circumstances, which they refuse to change.
They blame others for their own behaviors, which they refuse to change.
They would try to lay the guilt of their own self destruction on others.

It is very hard for a human to accept the fact that they are a sinful, corrupt, and broken being.
It is a general trait in mankind that the less they have to be proud about, the more proud they are.
In this culture, the trend has been "all gain, no pain", in other words "I demand of all that I be accepted
as I am, regardless of my character or behavior, and no criticism of any kind will be tolerated".