Uncomfortable , Yet Unafraid...-

Focus Questions

1. What do you think most folks need in order to believe?

2. Why do you think Jesus took only three of his disciples up on that mountain, and not all of them?

3. What is the connection between the bright light, and the coming suffering Jesus will experience?

4. Would you have wanted to be up on that mountain with Jesus, or would you have been too afraid?

5. What are we called to do, once we return from mountaintop experiences? Is the life of faith about the mountain, or the work "below"?

Readings for this week
Exodus 24:12-18 with Psalm 2 or Psalm 99
2 Peter 1:16-21
Matthew 17:1-9

"But the Wisdom of God, which is His only-begotten Son, being in all respects incapable of change or alteration, and every good quality in Him being essential, and such as cannot be changed and converted, His glory is therefore declared to be pure and sincere."- Origen, 3rd century