Unpaid Due's;paid in full[story]

There was once a church that operated in an very poor neighborhood, and whatever money the church made from offering the taxman always came and each time he came he always asked for more and more, finally there came a time that the church closed down because they couldn't keep up with the payments,however there also came a time when the taxman died.

Then the tax man woke up, before the greatwhite thorne of God, The lord looked upon the taxman and said."Why have you stolen from me?" The tax man fell before the lord and replied."Lord,when did i ever steal from you?" Then God replied back."When you took from my church by asking for more then your fair share thats when you have stolen from me." The Tax's man's face went pale and cried."Lord have mercey upon me." Then the lord looked back and his voice roared out like a lion and said this."Because you have done evil unto me and my childern then evil shall be done unto you, You owe me a great deal of sum from the time you where born you where in debt to me nows time to pay back that said bebt."

Then Satan came in looking at the tax man and smiled, however God raised his hand and prevented him from comming forward and said."If you can pay back what you owe I shall let you have peace but after a year and you haven't paid me back then you shall be punished."

The tax man woke up and by sundown everyday satan would come by and ask for his debt to paid, you see the tax man had an problem he owed an debt that he couldn't payback, so on the eve of the final day of the year, the tax man asked the preacher this."How do you pay back sin?" the preacher replied."With your life, you see sin is so great that it keeps us in bebt to it we eventually become slaves to it, however Jesus made away so we didn't have to stand before God and have us pay him back. He already did that on a place called clavery. "

The tax man looked at him and replied."if I ask jesus into my life will i be saved from my debt?" The preacher nod his head yes so the tax man, asked jesus to pay his dues on his behalf and to come into his life.

So the time came when the tax man died and stood before God again, with satan standing on the side pacing back and forth and God spoke." How much does this person owe me?" he said looking at satan, the devil looked down at his peace of paper in his hand and saw that it was compeletly wipped clean then the devil retorts."you have saided it your self this man was in debt to you the day he was born!" Then Jesus came and said."I object respectfully father as you can see this man owes you nothing for i paid it on his behalf." The tax man reached into his pocket and pulled out a notice and gave it to God that read


The end

side note
I am unware of any story of the same title under the same name, i had this awhile in my head just floating around, but the moral of the story is no need to worry about your bebt because it all has been paid in full on our behalf.