Unsure of Future Decision.

Unsure of Future Decision.

Hi guys I am relatively new to these forums.

I don't know what to do.. I have been struggling over the thought of becoming a self-employed over years. But as I work and the economy is very bad I feel like it is not the time.

I am very good with computers and Networks and all that stuff however I want to go into business doing that. But what scares me is the risk involved I have been praying about it. I feel like I can do it, but sometimes I mess up really bad in some business making choices. And that makes me feel like I am a failure like I can't achieve even do I believe in myself despite the fact that I have failed. I just don't know if I should jump in again or should I just get a job and forget about one of my dreams?

I hate falling but I learn from it. I just fear that I might not want to go for it for the fear of falling in making choices.

I feel your pain my friend. Your talking to a man, that lived it. Entrepreneurship is a blessing, you get the best of both words of balancing life/work. Fear is always going to come but you have to over come that just like everything else.

This actually is the best time to be self employed, many companies start in a recession like Microsoft or icontact.com. I actually open up an office space this past April for entrepreneurs.

I hate failing too, but I had to learn that is just an obsession of trying to be perfect. If you were to google all the famous business people in the world and ask them how many mistake that made before they made it big. It will blow your mind. If my memory serves me right, Domina Pizza went into bankruptcy 7 times before making it big.

Also, it increases your faith walk b/c we should only fear God, but being an entrepreneur really makes you become very dependent upon him and you'll seek him more for wisdom.

Just do it my friend and don't think about it. Maybe we can even collaborate on some projects. What is it that you are good at? My do business development and marketing work.

Also, do you mind sign up for my social network so that way we can talk more often. theprospernetwork.com | Home, it's free to join but is basically a faith based community to meet other christian entrepreneurs.
Oh, here is a friend of mines that is self employed and is living pretty good. His name is Ben and his company name is leaf9, but he is on that social network to so please reach out to him.
I understand now is the time that many people are looking for extra ways to earn income. With the economy as bad as it is many people are looking for an extra income source in case they lose their job and to add to their cash flow. I have a friend who is making $50,000 per month with Melaleuca which is a network marketing company. I recently got involved with an opportunity that involves giving and receiving rather than buying and selling and is legally tax free because you receive gifts and not income. The person who sponsored me is on track to recieve $500,000 of cash gifts to his door this year. Anyway, may God give you the wisdom to choose the business or self-employment that is right for you.