I had to write this. It is partially inspired by the little snippet I wrote in my signature with the horse.

Untamed -

Never once in my life had I seen a horse such as him. At first, all I could see from my vantage on the paddock fence was the truck that hauled him, and the trailer that housed him. I heard his screams, a terrible piercing call that shook the air and trembled in my breast. I clenched the railing, my mouth going dry in fear and fascination as two men leaped from the truck, ran to the trailer, inched it ever so carefully into the paddock, and unlatched the door.

In an explosion of flesh, a pure gray stallion, tall, proud, head flying and eyes rolling in a beautiful head, backed out, hooves flashing and stomping the earth as if to punish it for not protecting him. He turned to look at me, his shoulders quivering, his eyes burning with anger. His ears flicked back and forth, two delicate, finely shaped curves next to his forelock. His mane was braided close to his Baroque neck, and his long tail was looped into a succession of braids close to his croup.

He screamed at me, reared, kicking his two front hooves. I heard the air whistling as they came close to my ears, and in panic I fell to ground while the stallion broke into a tense canter, his hooves sending rocks flying and dirt clods singing in the air. He was challenging earth and sky, he was challenging me. He seemed to ask for me to enter his domain, this paddock, and not to be stomped. He stopped, looked over at me, and snorted, then lowered his pinkish muzzle to the ground to sniff the dirt.