this is a poem i wrote about 4 or 5 yrs ago now i have suffered from depression for quite a long while now and found this to be a very good way of dealing with it. this is me at the moste basic level and these are my deepest darkest feelings. i have alot more some of it i wont share but there are a few more if you want to read them. seeing as this is my own personall work if you want to post it some where else i would appreciate it if you asked me first tho chances are the answer will likely be no but i might say yes depeninding on the reason.

As I reflect on my life I wonder where the time has gone. The sorrows and pain still scar my heart, the emotions and turmoil still boil in my soul. I look back at the past and see a trail littered with broken dreams and promises. All the tears I have shed still burn on my cheeks, all the words I have said still echo in my head. As the time slips by, as opportunities are lost, I sit and wonder why time has passed me by.
here is another one by me this one how ever does have a name


Time is to slow or to fast, constantly changing but always constant, flying by one day but, crawling at snails pace the next.
As the seconds turn to minutes, minutes to hours and hours to days, I wonder where it goes or if it will ever die.
If something is so constant but constantly changing is it really constant? Or is it constant because it is constantly changing?
What would happen if it stopped? Would we stop to or would we continue?
Time do we control it? Or does time control us?

and another... lol


Why is it that when you want to talk to some one they usually aren’t there? But when all is well they show up?
Why is it that when we feel all alone every one seems to leave us? Yet when you want to be alone every one shows up?
When we need something why does it seem so hard to get, but so easy to get when we don’t need it?

When you need some one to talk to and no one is there that means I want to talk to you.
When you feel all alone and no one is around that means I want to be with you.
When it seems like something you need is impossible to get that is me telling you to ask for my help, because only through me are all things possible.
When it seems like the world is against you that is when I am by your side.
yea thats just my twisted mind at work lol like i said i have alot more i just found my note book that has moste of them im gonna have to look thru it and find some that i dont mind sharing
well here are a couple more by me these were written back in feb of 07

teeth grinding
tears flowing
anger growing
emotions overflowing

life keeps slipping and sliding, no where to go no where to hide, tears are blinding.

noreason to live no point to life freedom lies in death but it is not comeing.

the pain keeps growing, burning in to my soul like a glowing ember, nothing to put it out, nothing to fill the voide.

emotions are rolling the suffering keepd going why wont it end?

i want to scream no one will listen
i want to pour it all out
i want this fight to end
i am done i have nothing left
i simply await deaths sweet release.

here is the second one im not to sure when i wrote this but im guessing its around the same time as the one above (on the same piece of paper thats all i have to go on lol didnt date this one)

every day my main desier is to over come the pain i feel. it drives me every day to prove i can beat it. i wake up with only one thought on my mind. the only thing i want is to destroy this beast that seeks to devour me.

every day the pain grows greater and my desire to beat it grows stronger. yet i start to wonder if i will ever be strong enough to beat it. i fear i will fail and with that faliure my death will come.

i can not give in to that wich seeks to destroy me. i must push it in to the abyse from whence it came. i must cast out the demons who seek my soul. they can not have it i refuse to go.