(There is a slightly unusual story behind this one. I wrote the first two verses back in about 1987 or 1988, shortly BEFORE I came back to the Lord. It wasnt until a couple of years ago, (over 20 years after I wrote the first two verses) that I wrote the last three verses.)

I looked and saw Heavens door open in the sky
I saw the things that were to come, the evils that were nigh.
and when the door was opened, a mighty voice did say
"Man is man's destroyer. He paves destructions way."

I looked and saw upon a cloud a man in brilliant white.
A crown of hope was on His head, His eyes shone wisdom bright.
It was then the mighty voice did speak again to me.
and told me that this man was love, and love will set men free.

I looked and saw upon a cross, a lamb was being slain.
His eyes were filled with grieving tears, His body wracked with pain.
Once again I heard the voice, It is finished was His cry.
The doors of Heaven opened wide the moment that He died.

I looked and saw beside a tomb, a stone was rolled away.
An angel sat upon the stone, and this is what He said.
I know you seek the love you need, He is no longer here.
Go to the place He bid you come, and you will find Him there.

I looked and saw a mercy seat inside a Holy place
the Lamb of God was seated there, a smile was on His face.
A little child was with Him, reposing on his breast.
Come to me, he said to me, and I will give you rest
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