US author to unveil Washington's Masonic past

US author to unveil Washington's Masonic past

I would just like to say for the record this author Dan Brown should not have even brought forth "The Da Vinci Code" because his research and "facts" were questionable to say the least. Now the Freemason will be the topic, this could be a very revealing story if he get get the facts correct. This group or at least some in this group has lot to say about who will become the next president of the United States.
For those who are not familiar with the freemason, it makes for some interesting reading.
Below is the link that discusses what Dan Brown is coming out with next.


Most masons won't be aware of the occultic elements until they are farther into this "club". And while I think the subject is complex and fascinating the authors reputation for fallecy will not help it's credibility.
It's a subject that's fascinated me for a while mainly due to the number of high-profile folks in their ranks. We've had a number of presidents who attained their 33rd degree in masonry. To hear them speak of it, there's nothing unusual about their rituals, nothing wrong, just secret.

But reading from a member or two who have actually left this secret club, the fact alone that they pledge honor and allegiance to one another before family, God, or anyone else is more than reason for me to think there's something wrong here.
If anyone is interested you can enter the site and view a list of names of members. I was not aware myself that there are as many members world wide as there are. I wonder if all members are familiar with the workings of the Inner Circle?

Officially, Freemasonry was born in 1717, when 4 Craft Lodges gathered at the Apple Tree Tavern in London, and set up a constitution for Free and Accepted Masons, written by Anderson... but they claim their roots can be traced to Egypt, Syria, Babylon... and the stonecutters of the Solomon Temple, specially "Hiram Abiff" (1R.7, 2Cr.2,4), a celebrated figure because of his death-defying refusal to reveal trade secrets to intruders... the "Jesus Christ" for many Masons... though it is "an irony", because the Temple of Solomon was not built with stones, but with wood, brought by another "Hiram", the King of Tyre (1R.5,9).