US Millions To Boost Fatah


US Millions To Boost Fatah

US Millions to Boost Fatah
US President George W. Bush has proposed an immediate escalation in financial aid to the Palestinian Authority [PA]. The cash splash will include US $150 million in a direct hand out to the PA. The money is believed to be an effort to keep the Annapolis peace conference breathing despite its current coma.

Glenn Kessler, in an October 31 article for the Washington Post, estimated the additional aid to be offered as US $435 million, “on top of US $77 million requested earlier this year.†The Bush administration previously restricted cash transfers to US $50 million, but now the Middle East Peace Plan needs a transfusion.

Earlier this week, the former PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei said the PA would withdraw from Annapolis unless they could be guaranteed finalization on the birth of the Palestinian state. This while missiles continued to rain on Sderot.

Earlier, PA “moderate†Mahmoud Abbas [Abu Mazen] warned he would quit unless US Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice “delivered.†He also threatened a failure at Annapolis would mean Fatah would have to revert to an intifada.

This week, the Palestinian Media Watch revealed song lyrics broadcast by Fatah TV laying claims to cities in Israel. The future residential locations for Palestinian development included Haifa and Eilat, and who knows what they will be called in days to come. The Annapolis conference is meant to be the platform to promote the demise of Hamas, the group previously elected to govern the PA.

The US State Department in their aid request reportedly said, the money “supports a critical and immediate need to support a new Palestinian Authority (PA) government that both the US and Israel view as a true ally for peace.†The request has been sent to Congress. Analysts are already predicting “close scrutiny†of the details.

(By Ron Ross, BFP Israel Mosaic Radio, November 1, 2007)

Prayer Focus
Pray that plans to promote peace in the Middle East will be blessed by the Lord and the difficulties and the differences overcome by His mighty wisdom.

“He stretched out His hand over the sea, He shook the kingdoms; The LORD has given a commandment against Canaan, to destroy its strongholds†(Isaiah 23:11).
I hate to say it but no matter how noble our motives are most of that money will surely be used for weapons and death.