Video Games and Christians

Video Games and Christians

Are Video games wrong? PlayStation, Xbox etc?

I've always enjoyed them, i once asked a experienced Christian and he said he doesn't see much wrong with them and enjoys them himself.

What is your thoughts?
well shoot i love video games and movies
but you know todays stuff has to foul it all up and what not
and i hate it

there is nothing wrong with entertainment
but just be wary of what it is
e.g. grand theft auto isnt exactly a good game to be playing


It would depend entirely on the game in question James. If one is full of scantily clad females etc, that should be a clue. If you are walking with Jesus He will give you that gut feeling when something is wrong.
PS3 games are evil, Xbox games are fine. j/k

I still have a PS2. So I guess I'm just bad not evil. :)

Seriously, I have a great Flight Simmulator, several NASCAR games, and a 4 wheel drive, off road race game that are all loads of fun.

Sometimes we make popcorn, or whatever and the whole family has a blast.

I sure can't think of anything wrong with that. I think Jesus enjoys watching us laugh and spend some time together that way.