Videos of Franklin Graham - Speaking at the Rock The River Concert Crusades For Youth

Videos of Franklin Graham - Speaking at the Rock The River Concert Crusades For Youth

Greetings Everyone!

Well I'm jist overjoyed to be able to share wit ya all, a few videos of Franklin Graham speaking at the Rock The River Concert event yesterday in the Fraser Valley BC Canada!

The first video is of a short speech Franklin Graham delivered to a small group of co-labor volunteer workers, at a special invitation only lunch put on by BGEA just prior to the start of the concerts... it was a delicious lunch too with pulled pork on buns, hmmm yummm!

The second video is of the very first "Gospel Message & Altar Call" Franklin Graham gave to the young folks gathered for the rock & roll concert... the response was phenominal with hundreds of precious young people coming forward to receive jesus Christ as their personal savior! It was incredibly powerful to be part of. Must apologize for the abrupt end to the video, BUT because I was there to serve as an actual "witness counselor" to assist those coming forward in accepting the Lord, well I had to go right along with all those who were going up to receive Christ, and could not keep filming a'course, PRIORITY PREVAILS eh! ;) Anyhoo... enjoy Franklin Graham delivering the Gospel here.

Please note in addition to these 2 videos of Franklin talking, I also did record several videos of the bands music, and of the kids having FUN in the crowd! I will be posting a link to them in the regular thread for videos as I am able to get them all uploaded onto my account at Youtube so you can view them. I hope ya all enjoy them I am NOT any sort of pro at video making fer sure... but it's all jist fer fun eh! I had a true BLAST at the RTRW event and I am grateful to God for the opportunity to evangelize there for my Lord and King JESUS! :smiley90: