violent computer gaming

violent computer gaming

ever since the days of wolfenstein 3d and stuff ive always enjoyed gaming:)
From sports to first player , if its gonna entertain and keep me busy I want it:) I'm busy playing a game now which is called Turok, you on an island where there are dinosaurs and humans and you have to shoot,stab,crossbow both the dinosaurs and humans, its not the best graphically but its entertains me:)
do you think its wrong to play violent games? Ive been playing for years and It has never made me wanna really kill anything:)
Up until now since ive been saved it hasnt taken up my time with the Lord :)what you guys think?


If you feel convicted then put it down. If you can play with a clear conscience then NP.
Hi there, I have reservations about games involving shooting other people. In our house our rules are: no blood, no profanity, only mild bad language if it's contextual and not obscene ( damn, hell etc if there's not too much), no shooting of humans.

There's a couple of games out there that pass:).
Oops, I should have said rule number 1 for us is no occult connotations, obviously. But I guess that goes without saying for all of us, I hope.
I also play a flight sim called IL2 Sturmovik. It is ww2 air craft on line. We are flight enthusiests. It depends on how ya look at it. We shoot each other down after a hard days werk, it a good stress reliefe for me any ways. But we are all friends n no body takes it personally. It's sort of a fellowship with us cuz we are all on comms talkin bout strategy and flight manuvers, some of us are true christians n we talk bout that also. Yeah so I suppose it depends on the game you play. It can go either way.
So I wouldn't go to the bloddy gory games, I would go to the mediocre games/ mild or nicer. Hope this helps my friend
Chili out.
I really wouldn't take paying violent video games as wrong. If you can just play, to play, then it is fine. If your conscience and the Holy Spirit is not on alarm, then have nor fear, nothing is wrong. It's all in good fun ;)


I think it depends on how much you want to serve the Lord. We're to live as Christ, is virtually shooting people something Jesus would do?

If you want to surrender completely you'll look for anything that might be counter-productive won't you?

Keep in mind I have a $3500 computer and I've played at least as much shooters as the next guy, I know how it can be innocent, and even like a sport... But my first statement is what I think about it.
This is an old question from a while back, I remember.

I was so worried about it that I asked Pastor at the church. "Who paid for the video game?"

"I did."

"Did you earn the money yourself?"


"Are these zombies that you shoot real?"

:D "No, of course not."

"So when you shoot them, they really don't bleed all over your house?"


"Are the zombies evil?"


"Can I come over some time to play?"

Hee hee hee!

You could compare gaming to drinking.
Some can control it.
Some can’t.

Right W.W. ;)

If you offer me a beer and say it’s just one, nothing bad will happen…
Well… I’d end up drinking all the beer. I’d steal any drugs you had laying around and anything I could find in the medicine cabinet. I’d put the moves on your wife. If I saw something I wanted and it fit in my pocket, it would leave with me. If you left your keys in the car, I’d take that on my way out…

Get the picture?

Some people can have one beer. Some people can’t.
Some people can play a game. Some people let the game play them.

One is too many... a thousand never enough.

You could set yourself a time limit on not playing the game. Say for instance, 5 days. You decide not to play the game for 5 days. During those 5 days, keep track of how often you think about the game. Pay attention to whether or not your counting down the days and hours until you can play the game again.

If it’s not a problem, you won’t mind not playing it for a while.

As far as shooting and killing. I’ve played games like that before. I’ve killed thousands of guys on a game before. I did that for a while and then put it down. I should find that game. It was fun. I haven’t killed anyone in a few years.

But for kids?
I say wait until they are older to let them play games like that. There’s nothing wrong with going outside and playing a good old fashioned game of baseball or football.

Or kick the can.
Anyone remember kick the can?
We would play that for hours when I was a kid. :D
Didn’t cost anything. Just had to get an old can from Mom.
Ahhhhhhhh… memories… :)
I agree with Whirlwind, its all in the name of fun:) for example,if you go to a fun fair and you pick up a gun and you "shoot a human cowboy" to win a prize its basically the same thing...
I haven't played since Friday and its not bothering me at all, in fact the less I play the longer I keep the game and play the game:)
Its like a hobby:) instead of going to pubs and stuff I entertain myself:)
I respect all your comments but I personally don't think its bad as long as the game doesnt have you hooked etc:)
oogii - yeah. I have one friend who will not leave his computer to do anything - swimming, biking, hiking, nothing. When he used to be the one to go to when I needed a buddy to bond with.

Now he's getting overweight, doesn't have a job, lives with his mom and all he talks about are games on the computer and how I should try it.:(

It's like a real alien invasion, ya know? Hee hee. Me, I can play Silent Hill until I think I've had enough (usually no more than an hour) and then I go out and do something. It's like reading a book, and you get to be one of the characters. But what's the joy when you read the book end-to-end in one sitting?

Savor it. Make it last. Nothing in the rules say you have to finish a 160-hour game in one sitting, hee hee!:p
Many years ago, before computer games, back when we kids used to play outside, we would play war in the woods with our BB guns.

No one ever lost an eye, and as far as I know, none of us ever turned out to be mass murderers. Oh, sure, they smart, and put a little welt on your skin, but that keeps people from cheeting.

We also played war with spears. The tall dry reeds that grow around the cattle ponds. If you pull them out of the ground they make a natural 6 foot long spear with a clod of mud on the tip. They can be thrown very accurately a very long distance.

Again, some very minor injuries, (the kind young boys need) but lots of fun.

My biggest problem with computer games and such, is the fact that people, especially kids, arent getting outside to play and exercise, they are missing out on good social interaction.

Trust me, getting hit square in the face with a mud clod on a stick, then getting up and putting your arm around your attackers shoulder is a lesson everyone needs to learn to do. :groupray:

(Just the opinion of an old redneck)
My biggest problem with computer games and such, is the fact that people, especially kids, arent getting outside to play and exercise, they are missing out on good social interaction.
(Just the opinion of an old redneck)

Kids are missing out on good social interaction. I also know that it wrongly affects the brain cells. Prolong use of video games do.

What is more true is that God teaches us to seek things that are lovely, pure, of good report. Do video games fit in that category? You need to ask yourself this before trying something.
What is more true is that God teaches us to seek things that are lovely, pure, of good report. Do video games fit in that category? You need to ask yourself this before trying something.

That's a very good point Mellow.

W.W.J.D. ?

I think I would likely fall back on something that "Who Am I" pointed out.

Would Jesus drink wine? Yes.
Would Jesus get drunk? No

Would Jesus play a game for entertainment? Yes.
Would Jesus play a game that caused harm? No.

I could list positive aspects to games, like hand eye coordination, the fellowship between two or more players, or just the fun of spending a few hours doing something on a rainy afternoon.

Or,.... I could list negative aspects such as the desensitization of repeated exposure or even carpal tunnel syndrome.

I think, that like all things, it is not the device itself that is evil, rather the intentions of the individual.
Are guns bad? No
Do people do bad things with guns? Yes.

I spend several hours several days each week shooting hand guns and rifles. It's something that I enjoy doing, and I get a little better at it with every practice session. But it has never caused me to think of shooting at a real person.

Perhaps the same would not be true of someone else. Besides, what's the difference between me shooting real rifles off of the back pourch, and someone shooting electronic ones on the TV in the living room? :confused:
My nephew told me that they can choose to either go to PE or study hall.:eek:

Boy...back in my day we went to PE whether we liked it or not!:mad:

I used to like PE. Didn't love it...but I liked it. Study Hall always put me to sleep.:(

Come to think of it...I've bought a few games that have put me to sleep, too...but once you tear open the shrink-wrap, you can't take it back.:eek:
Im a teen and love to play xbox but I don't let it take over me. I might play an hour a day or two on Madden in the summer. I rented Call of Duty 4 not too long ago because everyone was talking about how it was so awesome and "the greatest thing ever". I played it and it was allright but it was so realistic with war and everything. I was thinkin to myself " People are actually doing this across the world and you sit here on your couch doing it for entertainment with nothing happening to you". I lost taste in most shooting games except for ones where you kill aliens and stuff like Halo,etc. But I just don't have a taste for the games like Call of Duty like everyone else my age.I don't think Jesus would find fun in killing people on a tv screen so why should I? After all Jesus said after you know my love, I will make worldy things taste like garbage.
I'm not a "gamer" myself.
We have a PS2, and I play on it once in awhile. Maybe an hour every several months or so. Sometimes, when we have company, I might run through a game or two of NASCAR with a friend.

My eldest child wanted PS2 "Deer Hunter" Now we have several versions of the game. It's really quite realistic. You have to be patient, pick your target, poaching gets you "arrested." You must identify game, etc.

In fact, it teaches some good moral principles. Fun game.

To me, It's silly. I don't mind the kids playing it, but rather than play it myself, I just go out and hunt deer. Nothing like "reality" to take the "virtual" out of things.

However, with games where you can drive 200 MPH, and crash, and start over, or wipe out a batallion of agressives who are attacking you, that isn't something I can readily do.

(I can legally drive 200MPH here on private property, but I don't think my truck would ever be right again if I did.) :D

I guess I am more like you StEvEn_1030, I just don't have the desire to hang out in a "virtual" reality.

I have enough trouble with the real one! :)
Any one watch die hard4? You have to check wanted, the new angelina Jolie film:) pretty awesome with quite a good story line:) if you've watched either and many more you'll get my point:)