Virtue is defined as moral excellence and righteousness or goodness.

Scripture tells us that we are to add this to our faith in order to bear fruit. This may sound like a simple thing, but it can get very complicated because our physical nature wants pleasure now and virtue often requires putting off or denying present pleasures.

The only way to be sure that we are putting virtue into our lives is to place God there. He is the only true and undiluted Good in existence. While there is merit and good in other things they are all polluted by human hearts, willfulness, sin, and death.

After we have repented and placed our faith in Jesus, we need to immerse ourselves in prayer, biblical study, Godly fellowship, and Godly teaching.

We cannot do things our own way and expect to grow in virtue. Before we turned to Jesus we did things our own way and that is why we have such a desperate need for Jesus. We will fail.

Only in God’s strength do we have any power. Only in His goodness do we have any virtue. Only through Him can we bear any fruit.

Psalm 53:3, Matthew 19:17, 2 Corinthians 6:14, Phillipians 4:8, and 2 Peter 1:3-5