Virus heads up



I can confirm that as I have seen a lot of viruses, trojan and worms going around lately.

For rootkit issues I recommend running Threatfire along with your present virus scan.
This can be run in conjunction with other virus scans. The freeware version can be downloaded here:
Download ThreatFire Free

"Will your antivirus software catch the latest malware that just came out today? In most cases, no, because it simply does not know how to detect it yet. But ThreatFire's ActiveDefense technology does, and has proven to provide up to 243% more protection when combined with traditional AntiVirus products. "
Thank you Brother Larry, for the heads up on these new threats,I have downloaded this new pc tool and it works great, I'm totally free of any threats of any kind...still it is good to know my current antivirus is doing it's job.