Yesterday, I had a vision. I feel I lack words to describe it. Even if I told you in my maternal languages (german and french), I wouldn't find the words.
It happened so quick, I sat outside my flat, I drank a tea. It was nearly midnight and very cold outside. And all of a sudden, the setting completely changed. I than stood inside some kind of temple, and I saw Him.
It was so wonderful. I saw the face of Love. The air was somehow electrified, I could feel it. The hairs on my arms stood up, as if they wanted to spend standing ovations. I saw Him, He sat on a marvellous chair made of ebony, it shew (?) persons I connect with love like Mother Teresa, I saw Martin Luther Kings face on it, Maximilian Kolbe and many many others I didn't recognize.
It was so beautiful. His feet rested on what I first thought be a ball, but I am sure it was the earth itself.
And there were Angels and they cried. They cried which was horrible to see, because I didn't expect angels to cry. But I saw, that they cried full of thankfulness.... maybe praise I should say.
I saw Him, and it was so wonderful, I can't describe it. And then I started crying too. The tears fell off my face, but in the moment they should touch the ground, they stopped. They flew to Him. I could feel how something inside me said "I dry your tears. With me, there is no need to shed tears. There is grace."
It was so wonderful. I never want to forget what I saw.

Then, suddenly, I kind of woke up. I recognized I sat still in my chair outside my flat. I felt my tear-wet face and the hairs on my arms still were up.

Now, I don't know, what to do, what to think....
Why did I see, what I saw? Was there a message? Was just a "dream" or was I really there?
What do think I should do now??
I really feel like I need some advices...
Please help, if possible....!
That sounds like an awesome experience brother. Perahps God was just demonstrating His love to you in a tangible way. The part were He gathered your tears is also awesome as not one falls without Him taking them near:
Psa 56:8 Thou tellest my wanderings: put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?
I once asked Jesus to show me what real love was, right in front of me it was as if someone lifted a curtian I could see and understand the fullness of His love which is beyond all undestanding. Two minutes later the experience ended and if you asked me to really describe it I could not put it into words. Can I describe exactly what happened -no, has it impacted my life-yes. I know my experience helped me draw closer to God and I am sure yours was meant to do the same. Blessings in Jesus Name, your brother Larry
Felix..... That is awesome. Jesus has something special for you and as you follow Him, the questions that you have will be answered. Just grab hold of His hand and walk with Him. We don't have all the answers but as you put your trust in Him my brother, He will never let you down. He has given you that vision to strengthen you in your faith as you testify for Him and tell others about our Saviour's great love. Go with the Lord. He is your hope, and He will supply your every need.

Praise Him , Felix. You have touched my heart and my prayer for you is that you will be an effective witness and a fervent prayer warrior. God Bless you.:jesus-cross::jesus-sign:

The cross before you.... the world behind you.