Volunteers Testers Wanted!

I am in middle of a personal project which God is giving me kick up backside to finish, but thats another story. Basically I am making a simple website for Christians to record all things God has done in thier lives.

If you are wanting to help test the website for me, then please get in touch. I reserve the right to pick and choose who is selected, so please do not feel unloved or unwanted if I reject your application.

I want someone who is willing to spend a little time testing various functions of the site to destruction, trying to force server errors by entering incorrect data for example. To start with this will be things such as registration, login , request new password etc,

Anyway if you are interested please let me know If you have any questions then do not hesitate to ask. Thanks.
The extent of testing you're expecting would drive whether I have availability. I admin 4 sites, 1 under development and another is always in a state of work, plus I work full time. Give an idea of what you expect and perhaps a sneak peek and I can see if I think I'd have enough time. As a normal course I enjoy beta testing.
Excellent! Thank you for the replies and offers for help. I have just had one of those moments where I just decided to say "Stuff it" and just totally started a huge section from scratch, so not sure if I should wait to finish this before letting everyone loose on a "closed beta", but maybe it would be better to test little sections at a time. The Automatic registration, login, forgot password/new passoword reset etc are complete so that needs to be tested to death for obvious reasons. then we can move on maybe? I will get back to you this weekend with details.

Oh and anyone else? please! more the merrier!
It will not be that difficult, all that is required is to try to find errors and to make it do something it shouldnt, this can just be trying incorrect login details fo example. Anyway the more the merrier I say. Those people who feell they have no idea about testing or computers etc, are also welcome, as they will give me more feed back if there is something which they can not understand, something that computer savey people will not need exaplaining but in reality needs explaining.

So please reconisider, time has just flown by again this week, i have hardly been able to sit down on computer to do my own thing, but thanks for being patient, I will have this underway soon.
Actually the non techie types catch most of the "simple" problems which affect the majority of the users. Us techie types tend to overlook those while searching for that really "bad" bug.
At long last we are up and running, sorry again for delay, you should have all had a pm with login details for testing forum.

Anyone else interested?