Walking With God..by Roselee Irvine

Walking With God..by Roselee Irvine

Walking With God
by Roselee Irvine (c)2006

Walking with a friend, there is
Just two.
The walk and talk brings intimacy,
To the both of you.

Bring along another friend, the
Intimacy is lost it is just talk.
The outward sharing is mostly,
Outside talk.

Walk with a friend, the hearts,
Will reveal each its own.
The deeper things of each,
Revealed and tenderly known.

Walking with God as Enoch, and
A many others before.
Will be with intimacy, walking
And talking along life's shore.

We are so thrilled with His presence,
We want to call all to come,
But there is a loss of intimacy even,
If we desire to share some.

Walking with God, Oh! may our utmost,
Desire be,
Alone in communion with Him, a
Delight for you and me.

We will not just talk to Him, but be,
The walk.
Abiding closely to His heart, our...
Hearts begins to talk.

God bless, and please request from the author permission to use this poem. In His love. Rosleee
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