Walking With Jesus

Walking With Jesus

There was a man walking on the beach with Jesus. he was walking and talking with Jesus as the waves washed in to the shore.. as he looked behind him he saw 2 sets of footprints. then all of the sudden the waves started to overcome him and a storm blew in. he looked but couldnt see Jesus, and when he looked behind him he only saw 1 set of footprints. after the storm was over he saw Jesus next to him again and asked him, "where were you through all of those storms i went through." and Jesus told him, " i was carrying you through it all, those were my footsepts you saw".

this is a great example of life as a christian. as long as life is good and we arent having any problems we stay closer to God and try and put him 1st.. but as soon as something starts to go wrong. the 1st sign of a storm in our lives we seem to forget all about God and try and solve things ourselves.. but really He is right there the whole time, carrying us through it all.

A great song i love that goes with this theme is "Cry Out To Jesus" by Third Day. if you havnt seen it. look it up. its awsome.


A great song indeed :D :
YouTube - Cry Out to Jesus by Third Day

We are called to be followers of Christ. He only did what He saw the Father doing , He only moved at the direction of and in the power of the Holy Spirit. This is our perfect example. We are to walk in complete submission to and complete dependence on the Holy Spirit of the Living God.