Most excellent movie! Young toddlers may find it a bit too noisy (space engine noises), but the movie itself is very good!
Synopsis: The earth has finally out-trashed itself. There is so much trash on the earth, no one can live on it. So someone came up with the bright idea to put everybody on a cruise ship in space until it can be cleaned up. But it turned out to be too much of a job and the robots all malfunctioned. Except for one. Wall-E. The humans lived on the ship and forgot about earth, being served by robots and carried around in moving couches until they were overweight and had weak bones.
A probe robot, Eva, goes to earth to look for anything green, and Wall-E falls in love with her. Mayhem and wonderment ensue.
Great movie!
And the short movie shown just before it is hilarious, too!
Wont tell anymore, it would spoil it.
I wanted to see this one, Fluffy! But I opted to go and see The Happening alone. I can't pass up a good scary movie.;)
So how was the Happening? I usually like that particular director, (cant remember how to spell his name!ha!) but I've never seen one of his rated "R" s before. Was it any good? Can you tell us about it?:D

I'll try to tell you without giving anything away...

In the city, people start to commit suicide for no apparent reason. They think that it's a terrorist attack, using some kind of a chemical to interfere with the brain (a part of the brain tells us to protect ourselves...if inhibited, we just don't care anymore).

School is released because the city seems to be going mad with this illness.

The school teacher, our hero, takes his family and runs to the country with a group of other people. Out there, they learn from a man that...


...he suspects that plants are beginning to defend themselves much in the same way that they defend themselves from attacks from ants. Plants send out all kinds of chemicals; in one plant, it emits a pheromone only when it is being attacked by ants. This pheromone attracks wasps that eat only that certain type of ant. How does the plant know? We'll never understand it.

But now, plants are sending a chemical out into the air that prevents the brain's defense mechanism from funcitoning. So instead of running from a lunatic with a knife...a person will pick up a knife and become the number one threat to himself.

How do they defend themselves from a world of plants? Will it ever end?

This script was originally called The Green Effect by Shyamalan. He had a hard time selling it after he pulled the Lady in the Water stunt.:rolleyes:

I thought it was interesting enough to want to buy the book (there is none). I also wanted to read the script (it's hard to get). Original ideas like these just tickle my own brain.:p