Was this a dream of God?

Was this a dream of God?

Hei Friends,
I had a very interessting and kinda troubling dream last tuesday.
It seemed to me and my aunt that god tries to warn me of someone that I will be meeting, but my mother doesn't think so. What do you think?

So this is what happens in my dream:
So in this dram I'm married to a really handsome guy and we seem to really love eachother. We're cooking out, cooking our food in BIIIG pans, putting those in a even bigger ,pit of fire' thats in the ground there.(this explenaition came to me only when I talked about that dream)
I'm wearing all sorts of safetystuff... special shoes and a orange suit that will protect me from the very hot fire. My husband gives me instructions things like, butter the pans, so the potatoes don't stick to it... and stuff like that and we're having a good time.
As I do so I fall of the sudden fall into the firepit... And me dreamself is freaking out about it... The fire is liking on my clothes and my feet are stuck... So I can't get out by myself. I scream and yell and with an instant my pastor (not my actuall pastor, it's just a pastor) and my family and friends are there, they fish me out of there and put me on the highest level of a not finished church (as far away from my husband as possible).
Their mad at him for letting this happen to me and don't want me near him anymore. And ashamed of himself my husband leaves me there, on top of the church and I see him starting a new life through a church window.

Years later it seemes, I descide to go and look for him. The future is dark and gloomy, the Houses have thousands of appartments in them, the roads between the houses are very narrow and packt full with people, the houses are sooo high that it is hard to make out the sky above. I recognise many people from switzerland as I am looking for the right house and ask everybody if they have seen my husband (I explain how he looks) and Martina, one of my friends from middleschool shows me a House.
I go there and I go there, into the basement where all the doorbells are. It seems to me that the time is dangerous, because the Names on the doorbells are chaotic... P-touch names are sticked over and over, on top of other names (As if those people have died and nobody cared and just moved right in)...
So I'm looking for his name and in the dirty light every name that starts with his Firstletter changes into his name for a sekond, because I'm so desperate to find him. But the senkond I ring the bell, I recognize the real name and have to apologize for ringing the wrong bell...

So I remember the First letter of his name, but not all of it. (Because all the names I've read have confused me... I remeber some of the wrong names :p)

And because I don't remember my husbands name my mom sais it isn't a warning from god, but my aunt told me to turn away and say: ,Not interrested!' as soon as I meet someone that starts with that letter...

(the dream was not a bit frighning to myself I have to say, I woke up relaxed and everything...)

So what do you think... please help me understand this mess :confused:

your little sis who really appreciates your help a lot ;)
No, my husband is verry blurry. He was tall and had caramellbrown, short hair... and was just a little tained...
Thats all I remeber, only that and the instructions to butter the pan ^^

kinda weird aint it? :D
Hmm yes very weird really...Ive had lots of dreams like this and have never really understood the meaning of them.

Jelly, im not a dream interpreter but this does seem like some kind of a warning from God to be careful about the future, esp when it comes to getting married to the right person. I could go into some detail here but don't wanna confuse you completely lol..

So this letter were talking about, is it a J...?? :( Im only joking : )