Wax fruit?

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Wax fruit?

We are spiritual branches, so we will not be able to produce fruit either. "Neither can you, unless you abide in Me." In fact, our potential for manufacturing genuine spiritual fruit is zero. "Without Me you can do nothing." The best we could ever hope to produce would be religious, wax fruit. Such would come from our fleshly attempts to appear godly or effective. People may be fooled by this, but God never will be. Furthermore, people cannot be edified by partaking of such, and God cannot be glorified.
Bob Hoekstra
Faith is the root, obedience is the branch, and this tree bears fruit of the Spirit.
Wise words from the great Charles Spurgeon :israel:


This is so tue my son. Some people can fool others but in the end they cannot fool God so they are just fooling themselves. Good message.