We are back!!!


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We are back!!!

Finally, we've moved to the new servers.

Firstly thank you Jesus! :D

Next, after working with the Curtis at AMNHosting (who actually did all the job while I kept bugging him) setting up the new account and resolving a bunch of issues and errors, we finally got it up and running. So a big Special thanks to him. Really he was awake yesterday night and spend so much time today and yesterday configuring CFS.

Also another BIG thanks to Victor at PrimaryVPS for providing the VPS account.

Oh, I'm sorry I couldn't inform you about the transfer before hand. It was a quick decision to get it all sorted up while we had time to spare.

Now, please leave your feedback here. Is the site loading faster for you? It certainly is for me! :D

God bless.
I don't know if it is loading faster since this is the first thread I've been on but I'M SO HAPPY it's up and running again!
:eek: Thank You, Jeff!!!:eek:
yay, we are back

*Throws a party against the wall*
Amen, Jeff - THANK YOU for your efforts and being able to find the right host and advisors at an opportune time.

Very nice not having to wait on my 4.7mb/sec connection for a 20 second page refresh... LOL.

Pastor Gary