Web Site Critique

Web Site Critique

I'm lookng for some honest critique on my site. I've recently changed the general layout with the hope that it may be easier on the eye.
I'm not much of a web designer but I'm hoping that I'm getting close to something that looks presentable and God honoring.

You can visit my site at the link in my signature.
Thanks in advance.:)
I have just visited. It looks clean, easy to read and interesting. I looked at the About Me page and it really does not tell people anything about you except that you are an independantly ordainded Christain minister. I would have liked more info to give credibility to the site.
Hope that helps.
Hi there, your site looks good, tidy and uncluttered and easy to read. What I'd like to see though is details on the home page about your church and beliefs and preferably a statement of faith. If I'd come across the site by chance, from Google, and read some of the articles, I would give a mental assent that the writing seems OK, but I would not allow myself to absorb the message until I had worked out what the writer believes and what his agenda is. So I probably wouldn't actually take the time to more than glance at the links. That isn't to say there's anything wrong with them, but in my case, I'd need to see that instantly, or I'd click out, due to pressures of time.

So what I think you need on the home page is your reasons for the site, like you have now, but also a description of "The Church of Living Water" and what makes it different from other churches. Otherwise I'd be trying to figure that out all the time as I read the articles and wouldn't really relax and take in the message.

If I was already familiar with your site and comfortable with your beliefs it would be quite different of course. It would depend on who the target audience is.

I hope this helps - Andrew.


God posting Andrew. The site is very nicely done :) but perhaps it should have a little more info on you and your church on the home page.
Thanks for the replies and advice everyone. I will be looking to address all of the above points over the week end.
A second look

I've made some changes to my site. I have paid particular attention to my "about me page," adding alot more information, I've looked at improving the home page, and I've added a statement of faith page. I would appreciate any feed back, especially from the guys who posted those valuable comments last week, thanks.:rolleyes:
I feel that the changes you have made greatly improve the site. People now know who you are, what and where you studied, what you believe, how you came to be ordained etc.
Visitors to the site now have the facts upfront and can make an informed decision.
Some will love it others will reject your ministry. That is true of every ministry but as I said they can make an informed decision.
Well done.
hi, for daily reading i cant look at previous post.
what if your visitor miss one day ? =)

good clean site but intro have to decrease the length. Since you have to attract the attention within 5sec.

you can get a copywriter to write that for you =)