Weekend Ministry

I thought I would share with everbody the experience I had two weeks ago.

I joined our misionary team at our church and went out with them over a weekend to the Kruger National Park here in SA.

This is one of the premier wildlife parks in the world and covers an area the size of Israel - so it is pretty big. Inside the Kruger Park are a number of camps where the tourists stay, but in these camps are hundreds of workers who do not get reached by the gospel as who would ever think of opening churches in a tourist destination.

Our church under the direction of God has over the last two years set up churches in almost every camp inside the Park - and trained up staff in the camp to pastor and disciple the people.

Our church goes regularly into the park to support and minister to the churches in the park - at the moment I think there are about 30-40 churches in the park.

I joined in and we ministered at one of the camps over a weekend. We handed out John 3:16 soccerballs to the soccer team (This is SA soccer is BIG). These balls have different colours representing the different steps to salvation.

We ministered in their church - a tent on a concrete slab with only two light bulbs. I have never seen people so hungry for the gospel message. The worship was absolutely awesome - no high tech systems and light shows - only singing with no back up music. The people are genuinely seeking God and the testimonies of miracles are absolutely amazing. This is against a backdrop of severe attack by traditional ancestral belief systems and witchcraft. These people have been set free from all the evil around them and the freedom and gratitude they display is awesome.

God is doing a mighty work in the Kruger Park and I cannot wait to go back - maybe next month!