Welcome Brother And Sisters!


My name is Michael I have been sharing the Word of God since 1998 and really don't have a denomination preference. I wish we could all just focus on Jesus and the fact there is no other way to the Father in Heaven but through Jesus. Without faith in Jesus, your lost, and He was never married or his bones found in some box.

If you believe that, then we have something to talk about :)

I would just like a Clarification on the Statement of Faith before continuing. I know this is a touchy subject with certain groups but just have to clarify. Not that I care, but it's good to understand to not post things that would offended someone on their site. I believe we are called to respect each other, even though we have some differences.

2) There is only one God who reveals Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

This site is not Trinitarian, so is it a Oneness or Modelist site? Just as long as it's not JW or Mormon.

I just started my Christian forum, It will be more focused on helping folks with issues and discussing Post or Pre trib views. My wife is just learning to blog and share words given to her by the Lord on her site. (Lots of work for me though)

My Doctrine: If it's scripture, then it's a doctrine. I don't use mans methods to understand the Word of God. Line upon line, here a little there a little, no scripture is of private interpretation is how I study. I really focus on sharing with others to be led by the Holy Spirit before making choices. We do have a Lord who wants to help and direct us in all things if we give Him the time.

I view God's Word from a Victory point of view, I don't believe anything is to hard for God, and I know God wants to help his people overcome things in this World.

I guess it's long enough.

Hi and welcome Michael

I think you will fit right in here. The trinity is a difficult discussion. Every Christian has to believe Jesus is Lord 1 Cor 12:3. But surely you can excuse some for still seeing Him as a separate being (He prayed to God) and in some spiritual manner beyond our understanding still one with God (if you have seen me you have seen the Father)? I don't see what we imagine and conclude here as a train wreck as long as we believe Jesus is Lord (y). That is not negotiable.


I feel the same way KingJ. Jesus is Lord and that is not negotiable!! To be honest only hard core Oneness or hard core Trinatarian would be concerned or focused on such a slight difference. We need to be focused on Jesus and to love one another. The fact is, Husband and wife are one flesh, and if the bible says it then it's true and a mystery as Paul said. Means we find out later how that works I guess.


Just for your information Brother. Trinity is actually very easy to explain. It's just like the scriptures say.

For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.
(1Jn 5:7)

There are 3 Gods that each have a function and testimony. (Niciaen creed says God of God) Jesus was certainly called God in scripture. However, these 3 Gods are one.

It is a mystery much like Husband and wife are one flesh. Jesus is not the Father, Father not the Son, Son not the Holy Spirit.

So we can have a advocate with the Father Because Jesus is Not his Father.

There is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person of the Godhead. None are like the other but function different from each other but all 3 are 1.

That was the original Trinity Doctrine in efforts to protect Monotheism or the belief in ONE GOD. The actual doctrine never explained how 3 can be 1 but Paul never explain how Husband and wife can be one flesh either.

The Trinity doctrine has absolutely no scripture contradiction at all. That is because there are 3 Gods and each can be separated when they are separated in scriptures, like who did Jesus pray to? The first person in the Godhead, His Father.

Jesus has always been here with the Father, as it is Written that Jesus said give me the same glory you gave me before the earth was created. No creation date for all 3, they have always been.
(JW's and Mormons have a very beat of version of this making Jesus less than his nature as the Son of God)

Modelist, Oneness, Symbolism attempt to explain how there is only 1 God through scripture and what happens is they do so when nobody else has been able to do so. Once you start trying to use scriptures you end up with 1 in 3........... Not 3 in 1 like the scripture says.

So, God is like a Egg. Jesus is the yoke, Holy Spirit is the White and the Father is the shell. The problem is that you just removed Jesus from Being the full Egg, but now He is only a yoke. Jesus is not part of a god system, but fully God and our advocate whom the Father gave to him all things and gave dominion to Him.

God who manifest himself as 3 different personalities means someone is not God on their own, and why true Trinitarians don't get along with Oneness or Modelist.

Jesus is God the Father manifest in the flesh and is the Word part of God is a oneness or modelist belief. Trinity see's Jesus manifest in the Flesh as the spoken Word that came to pass and the Son coming from Heaven to be in a human body.

I hope that helps a little. Most Churches claim Trinity belief but have forgotten where the belief came from in it's original form.

Jesus is God, and fully God on his own, with his own throne next to His Father. That is scripture but they are one according to trinity and (1Jn 5:7) how that is? We will find out someday.

Jesus Is Lord, what else we need to know?

Thank you Brother KingJ.