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We are sorry but your other post was removed . We are a Christian forum and are not debating other religions but are here to fellowship and share Jesus Christ . We also encourage you to please read the forum rules before starting and we do not give addresses or websites due to security problems .

Thanks you for your attention and have a blessed time on CFS.

3.2a Agenda driven topics have always sparked heated arguments and will be VERY CLOSELY monitored by Forum Staff. Warnings and or bans will be issued at the discretion of Forum Staff. Examples of agenda topics that will not be allowed include: homosexuality/gay rights, denominational bashing etc. The staff will use their discretion and if any member creates an agenda based topic not specifically mentioned above they will be informed by the staff and the thread deleted.

3.2b ChristianForumSite.com has a wide variety of members from around the World. This Forum does not allow the elevation of one Christian belief system over another. This is a violation of Regulations 3.1 and 3.2 in demeaning and belittling the beliefs of other Christians while promoting another system so as to create an atmosphere of superiority. Any such posts or threads will be removed and a reminder, warning or ban issued as necessary.

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Rule 6.2 A Member may not ask other Members for the phone number, address, whether physical, email or instant message. If someone annoys you through email or PM, notify the Moderators or the Administrator immediately and we will notify the respective authorities about this behavior. Do not reply to unknown emails.