Welcome Immanuel Navan-Tasi

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Welcome Immanuel Navan-Tasi to cfs. It's great that you could join us.

Please take a moment to say hello and tell others a little about yourself and let's get started with some good ol fellowship one with another.

As we ask of all new memers,
Please look over the Following and Familiarize yourself with them, this will help you to have a safe and joyful time here in the forum.

Again this is just forum procedure and nothing else.

1. Forum Policies and Procedures
2. Topics which May Not Be Discussed in the open forum.

If you have any questions or issues with the forum, please feel free to contact a moderator or helper and we will do what we can to help.

Again Welcome to cfs
Amen Immanuel Navan-Tasi Welcome to cfs.

I for one am looking forward to some good ol fellowship one with another, especially with the material I have connected you too.

Most Believers have no understanding how our enemy the devil works and actually look for horns and a pitchfork and sulfer smell.

Welcome Aboard Brother