welcome to all newbies

welcome to all newbies

Along with Dusty and all others who've welcomed you here, I extend my welcome to you as well. Fact is, I believe God had a reason for each of you to be brought here, and as such, will find, at least in part, the fulfillment of each of your needs and desires, thru this CFS.

God declares not to forsake the gathering together of His Saints. I'm of the mind in this advanced technological world, this is one way we can gather for praise and worship of God, growing in Him thru our interactions, not to mention for an edifying, lifting up and building up of the "Body of Christ."

Since God had lead Moses to choose subleadership under him to help hear and take care of the needs of His flock, this Site is just one of many who God has brought about to do thier part in offering the helps that God has chosen for them to provide.

Again, welcome and we pray you find what you are seeking of God thru CFS as God dictates in each of your lives.

God Bless!!