Welcome to Templedweller's 1st Thread Here!!!

Welcome to Templedweller's 1st Thread Here!!!

Hello and Welcome to My 1st thread here as I am new to ChristianForumSite !!! :)

I am glad to have found this site and am blessed to be in a Christian only site!!! I have been other places that have created many a friendship, but enjoy the fellowship amongst Christians and would really enjoy getting to know people here too!!!

I am newly 34 (as of July 13th) and have been a Christian since May 19, 1991. My Wife and I are both Christians and do love the Lord Jesus Christ. We have two dogs and really enjoy them alot. We have been married 11 years and are blessed to have each other. She is my Bestfriend!!! :)

Despite my last 2 paragraphs starting with I, God is my ALL...He is whom I desire to serve, bless, worship and give my everything to in this life. In that truth, I know that ministry to others around me is important. God has delivered me from a pride and haughtiness that I thought was holiness for a very long time in my experience with him, but it actually was what he abhorred in the Pharisees...the religious rulers of his time on earth.

I look forward to worship, encouragement, prayer and fellowship to be shared with many of you here!!!

Blessings to you and your wife and I am so glad you have joined!
Nice to see such a humble spirit~
Thanks for such kind reception!!!

Hello Housesitter Ray and Violet,

Thanks for responding to my 1st thread!!!:)
I am glad to be here and am happy to be a part of this seemingly wonderful site!!!

Thanks for your kind words Violet :)

Blessings to You both in :jesus-sign:!!!

Welcome Templedweller! I see you live in a large coummunity. May our LORD continue to bless you and your wife and to keep your dogs healthy.
God's Child,
and sky

Thanks to all of you for your kind words!!!

May you all be blessed today!!!:dance:

Templedweller:) :cross:
Thanks God's Child and Shannon........I just found the subscribed to list And I am utterly thrilled !!!

Thanks For Posting in here~!~Sincerely,
Templedweller I am please to meet you!:D your brother Larry:D
Templedweller I would like to welcome you to CFS and to let you know if you need anything at all feel free to contact me or any other staff member.:groupray: