What A Church Could Be

Personally: I think God meant the local church to be a powerhouse of change in a world of insanity. I think the present concept of the church as a refuge, club, re-indoctrination centre or comfort station is a very limited perspective.

Why is the assembly of Christians not more powerful as a place to find real connection, physical and spiritual help and love?

Or is your church doing what Christ wanted???
I can tell you our Pastor is getting hot about soul-winning campaigns. We have a once a month "Super Saturday" when we are supposed to be door knocking-this is on top of the visitation schedule and internal fellowship meetings. We live in a small town and lightly populated poor county; our Pastor has done a lot to turn this Churches reputation around to that of an open -loving Christ centered Church.

More importantly-we have but by the Grace of God seen improvement in many aspects of our congregation and Church property. I am pretty sure God expects us to #1 be obedient and #2 WORK!

Praise the Lord and His man-our Pastor. To God be the glory....
Define "poor"?

We have hospital and nursing home visitation-more the hospital since the other area churches 'share' a schedule at the nursing home. The prison here already has a ministry with a monopoly on visitation (Not sure how that worked out-small town politics I guess?).

Our widows had good husbands that left them inheritance.

Not sure about the 'orphans'? We have a youth ministry-Bus Ministry; we have been slowly gaining ground with some new kids. Unfortunately most of these kids come from broken homes and the parents are low income and lots of other 'things' that come with their situation. So I guess you could say the majority of our "Bus Kids" are orphaned with unbelieving parents.

Nobody goes 'hungry' in a Baptist Church! :D We would have a food closet, except it always seems to get abused by the same folks. There are also 2 other organizations in the village that support local food banks. As we are a bit off the beaten trail-we don't get too many food requests. Our doors are always open to our frequent fellowships meals.

As far as the lonely....we have open doors...all are welcome to come. We fellowship often-all are welcome to join any of our fellowships and groups. We don't exclude non-members, naturally we would encourage people to become members and faithful followers, faithful church attenders, faithful tithers. I'll put it this way-our Church gaining a reputation for annoying people with the Gospel and being "different". Can't complain about the that! ;)

We just voted to support 6 more missionary families and our 'Missions Conference' starts at the end of this month. The families coming are the ones we voted to support.

Once again all this is to the Glory of God-He is our Enabler. Glory to God in Jesus Christ's Name. Lord forbid us to be "puffed up".

(You know typing all this out has really brought into perspective how far our church has come in a year- Thank you Lord.)