What An Experience

May 24, 2007
What An Experience

An overseer of a certain was going on evangelism with two of his evangelist one day. It now happened that they came to a small muddy stream. The first of the two evangelists crossed the stream with no stress (walking on water). Then the second of the evangelists also crossed the stream with no stress.
Then the overseer, amazed at seeing the two evangelists walking on water, started praying to God inside himself saying "God give me the power to be able to walk on water like these two evangelists. Please I don't want to be put to shame".
Then after praying, feeling confident in himself, steeped into the water, making attempt to walk on water. But unfortunately for the overseer, he fell flat into the water. Then one of the evangelists feeling sorry for him, turned and told him: "Sorry pastor, we forgot to tell you that these are the stones we stepped on while crossing the stream."
Oh what a great experience for the Overseer.