What are we doing about the Gospel ?

So many times I think about how God feels when just one of His children (saved or not saved) are blinded by the enemy and the lusts of this world and He has to be separated from them. We as believers have the ability to simply confess our sins and repent, and God graciously restores back to us His right standing. But what about the children that are not of this sheep pen, how do they find forgiveness and healing (emotional, physical, mental, etc...)?

In this past Christmas season we celebrated the Birth of The Holy And Anointed Christ Child, but how are we taking that Christ Child to the world today and every day?

We are all ambassadors of the anointing of Christ. That bondage removing yolk destroying anointing. How are we showing or conveying that to the lost sheep of the world?

There are many of us who are separated now, or have been separated from our children in the past. And we know how God feels to be separated from His children, even if it is just a smidge. For i am sure that God's pain of being separated from His children is greater than we could even imagine. And those who do not have children, many of us have felt the loss or separation from a loved one or even a friend who has moved away for instance. In those times when my heart cries out to God because I miss my children so much it hurts, as I pour my brokenness unto the Lord, I believe that He has allowed for me to feel just a little tiny bit of what He feels. And it prompts me to pour my heart out in prayer for those who do not know that they have access to a Wonderfully Loving Father, that the enemy has blinded them to.

We as a body of Christ if we join our faith together can break those blinders off, by our showing people our love for them and each other in the Name of Jesus, and by being forgiveness agents to the world. If we would band together and every where we go would forgive everyone just as the Father has forgiven us (even though no one has wronged us) we could begin to open the prison doors for so many. And if we would follow Nehemiah's example and just build the wall in front of our own house (or pray for those in our own towns and cities and so forth) we would see a mighty revival. Jesus said in John 4:35 "you know the saying, "four months between planting and harvest". But I say wake up and look around. The fields are already ripe for harvest"

Now that we are getting in a good habit of giving of ourselves in love and obedience to God let us carry that into the new year and for the rest of our days. For the time is short and the Lord who is patient with us, that we should not perish desires that we do the same to others.

If you have not received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, what is holding you back? All you have to do is say with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and that you repent of all your sins, and your in. HIS creation power will come in and make your spirit white as snow, brand new. And over time as you renew your mind to the things of God, through the scriptures your worldly nature will follow.

May the Lord richly Bless all of you my partners in Christ, this Christmas and throughout the new year. And may we all answer the call to be God's forgiveness agents to the rest of the world, especially to those who have wronged us. Many blessings to you!
@Cturtle ,
You know I agree with you and will raise the example up a notch !
If any of us have felt the hurt of seperation from Children or parents or even friends because they do not agree with us or want any of His light to cast a shadow on or in their darkness...
Well how do you think God feels when one of His own who is grafted into His family, one day decides they have had enough and turn back and begin to live as they please and do things their own way ?

He can not do much for them as protection and blessing when He is obligated to His very own words. I am not saying He does not protect to some degree but when we step out of His blessing then we step into an area where the devil has full right to jump in and begin to kill, steel and destroy.

Talk about a broken heart...........I think we all need to grasp this the next time we get angry or upset about something that did not go our way or feel things are not working out for the best fasst enough in our lives....God has our best interest in His Heart.........

Just be willing to be willing to humble your self and repent and seek God and find out where you missed it and get back on track once again..... God Loves YOU!!
Blessing and Love in Christ
Does the Lord know, and see the outcome to every ones life? We should be rest assured that he that has started a good work in us and in those who are his will finish his work. We can not see the future of anyone's life, and the Lord does not want us to worry about tomorrow, but just live in the day where we are now. Does not the Lord go after that one sheep that goes astray, and most of the time the Lord uses us to speak a word to them to bring them back into the fold. No man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church: We are all apart of one another as the body of Christ as each part does it's job in building itself up in love.
Several years ago while I was at work in the early morning before the store I worked opened, there was a lady who also worked in the store doing some straitening out of the shelf's from the day before. As I walked passed her, she said to me, "Can I ask you a personal question?" I said "sure" she said, "why are you so happy all the time?" I said to her, "Because I am a born again Spirit filled Christian" As soon as I said those words tears began to stream down her face like someone turn on a water facet. I felt so much compassion for this lady, and I knew she felt embarrassed. I wanted to comfort her more than anything.
She looked at me in her tears, and told me she had received Jesus as her savior many years ago and had fallen away from her first love. I could see a change in her continence, and then Lord reminded me of these two scriptures.....

Pro 20:27 The spirit of man is the candle of the LORD, searching all the inward parts of the belly.

Psa 18:28 For thou wilt light my candle: the LORD my God will enlighten my darkness.

This lady's candle had gone out many years ago, and just needed to be relight. I did not do anything, it was the Lord who lightened her darkness. All I did was let the light of God in me to shine forth upon her.
I don't think we really know how much of the presence of God that each and every child of God brings with them into work, our home, or any place. We might not be aware of it, but others are.
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Oh my goodness how true that is @CCW95A. And it reminds me of how important it is to be fully engrafted in to the vine, and fully obedient to the ways of God and the promptings of God, and the Spirit. Always listening to the Holy Spirit. One just never knows how and where God will cause us to stand out to someone, to bring that one lost lamb, back into the fold.

Thanks for sharing your heart and experience! Blessings to you!