What Are You Reading Now?

I personally read a lot of Christian Fiction, The Left Behind Series is one of my favorites. I am a huge fan of Tim Dekker. I find his writing very compelling and he also has a couple of series, one being, Black, White, Red & Green. What are you reading now?
I think I saw part of Left Behind movie but I am not sure if I liked it :)
Now I am reading Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson (for the second time), after I finished the whole Malazan Book of the Fallen :whistle:
I will then read "God's Smuggler", probably.
I haven't read fiction in years. Those that I did read were the "Chronicles of Zion" read all 5 books in a weekend; I say that not to impress my reading ability (I read tremendously VERY slowly) but that they were written so well, it played like a movie in my head, so it was more like watching a movie than reading. I've never experienced that in another author - then I don't read that much in fiction. :D
Highgrove, a celebration, all about Prince Charles country estate and garden.

Been into gardening books lately. Not sure what to make of Prince Charles, he can be eccentric, but I think his garden is pretty cool.
Now I am reading "The Life and Diary of David Brainerd" who was a missionary to the Native Americans in 18th century. The diary is full of melancholy and anxious thoughts about man´s depravity and insufficiency but also full of thoughts about God´s great grace and mercy. I did not know anything about Mr. Brainerd before I bought this book but when I started to read it, it was like "God, how did you know that I needed to read this right now?" :) It has been great encouragement for me. I recommend this book to all melancholy people who struggle for faith.

Grant Melville

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I usually have a fair stack of books on the go - I always try to finish one before I start on another, but inevitably something else catches my eye. At the moment, I'm reading the following:

'Things New & Old - Vol. XVI' (Bound hardback version of a Christian periodical from the 19th century),
'The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire - Vol. VII' by Edward Gibbon,
'Impressions of Christ', a collection of ministry, collected and published in 1922, by 'K.M.',
'An Outline of Leviticus' by C.A. Coates,
'In The Beginning' by William Kelly,
and I read 'The Local Assembly' by J. Taylor (Snr) this morning.
Currently I am reading my Bible, but after that I'm reading
God's Smuggler, by Brother Andrew

The Evolution of a Creationist, by Jobe Martin

And I am about to start Oliver Greene's commentary on Matthew.