What Exercise Did You Do Today?

Does anyone take any workout supplements? If so, which ones work for you?

I take 3 protein shakes a day, the one in the morning I mix creatine in. I also bought a BCAA supplement and sip on that while I'm working out, it's supposed to cut down on recovery time, we'll see :rolleyes:
Chest day:

- 4 times 4 drop sets 8 eight reps each (dumbbell bench press)
- 4 sets of 8 laying-overhead raises

- combination of burpees, knee to elbow and sit-ups
Yesterday's workout:

4 times 4 drop sets of 8 shoulder presses
4 sets of 12 overhead dumbbell triceps extentions

Various core exercises that involved burpees, knee to elbow, etc.
Yesterday's workout:

4 times 4 drop sets of 8 bicep curls
4 sets of 20 shoulder shrugs
4 sets of 6 overhead flys
4 sets of 8 lat pull-downs
4 sets of 8 seated rows

Mountain climbers, knee to elbow and other various core exercises