What I Truly Wanted

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What I Truly Wanted

What I Truly Wanted

My daughter was home after graduating from college and like most
was unsure of the next step. After a few rounds of active
discussion she was still unable to decide. It seems that she
was trying to follow everyone's advice at the same time and no
two opinions were the same.

Like every parent out there who has been in this position,
I realized that whatever the decision, I was going to have to
break out the old checkbook one more time. Everything worked
its way out as everything usually does, but in this process
I started to think of all of the things I truly wanted:

I wanted a new stereo...
I got my daughter a new bicycle

I wanted to join a health club...
I got my daughter dancing lessons

I wanted a fishing boat...
I got my daughter a new computer

I wanted a new car...
I got my daughter through college

I wanted to be happy...

It is sad that most of us do not understand what we truly want.

I count my blessings everyday because HE knew what I truly

Life is full of little adjustments;
the trick is to see them when they appear.

~A MountainWings Original by Mike Reed, Mandeville, LA~

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Amen , Larry and CShultz.... A good reminder for sure.

It's not about our wants .... It's all about our needs .

And yes with Christmas coming and all the greed from the secular world we need to focus more on the needy and not on ourselves.

I told my family , I will not be buying them gifts but will donate the money that I would buy gifts to a missionary that needs it more than all my family does and they are in agreement with that .