What is your favorite sport?

Hey, wait a minute! The Mets are in the same division as the Braves… Boo! To any team competing in the Braves’ division! No offense HisManySongs, it's not your fault you werent born in Georgia hehe. :)

There we go, someone who knows their baseball! Braves all the way!

I grew up playing Baseball. When it dawned on me how the stats worked (RBIs, OB%, ERA, Batting Average, ect…) I was hooked. I’d always loved the game, but when I realized all the tactics involved (as well as the how gauge stats) I couldn’t get enough of it. Baseball is truly a thinking game in addition to all the physical aspects, and I really enjoy following players who know how to work for the team and not just for themselves. Moving a player into running position, for instance, from a pop fly that they were “outted on” takes a lot more teamwork than “swinging for the fences”. Julio Franco & Walt Weis are such players (who are retired now) that would always come through when you needed them, especially moving people around on the bases even if they didn’t get on base themselves. I don’t think they got all the recognition they deserved. They were some true team players!
YAY!!! another BRAVES fan..GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BRAVES..I just love a team that is losing and then have a really big come back and WIN the ballgame.

1995 World Champions

Best Braves
The 4 Aces

Turner Field
Figure Skating

I also love Hockey (Canucks fans here, but I also like the Flames and the Habs a lot)

Oh and Diving and Triathlon are great too... and speed skating, track and field... hmm.. lots of others.
I seem to have lost a fair amount of interest over the years when test matches have not been on UK free to view TV but I'd still say cricket is my favourite.

Beyond that, with the exception of American football (where I'm afraid I really do not get on with stopping and changing loads of players for a play), I'd probably enjoy most team hand/bat/foot ball games and could suggest that sort of generalisation as my favourite area in sports.