What Is Your Opinion On "god Particle"

Scientists says they have proof now. Before it was only a theory, now it is confirmed true. Even though it has nothing to do with God. Still, i can't puzzle it together yet, still interesting to hear about it though.
What do you think about it?
What Is Your Opinion On "god Particle"

A particle, of course, physical : )

“Standard Model”,
“Prediction of behaviour of things, how they interact...”
The standard model does consistently predict how physical things behave….

Physical Science try to explain things expectedly of course in a physical way, nay, it is very small, we need mathematics : )

The model is now very small and very complicated….that is “subatomic”
It used to be “bigger” when I was a kid: that is, only: “Atomic”

The electrons orbit the nucleus I would say, and the old people will be amazed, ahhh this kid will become a scientist!
They were wrong : )

What am trying to say: Physical Science will remain physical: natural,,,, once they try cross the line to explain the supernatural: trouble starts : )

a verse/thought comes to mind:

Colossians 1:17
He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together.
Science is good. I am all for it (y). But naming it the 'god' particle :rolleyes:...reminds me of this joke:

Two scientists mock God and say that they can create humans much better then He did. So God says, ok, go for it. So the scientists start off by taking some dust.....then God interrupts. Excuse me, don't use my dust, get your own.

The thing is....the devil is playing his card here to the maximum. Causing, surprisingly most of mankind to follow his pie in the sky. The reality is that the furthest we can go in deciphering our origin is as Aha said, physical matter. We will never be able to explain the origin of the first (two) smallest particles. What happens when they collide is thus....iRrElEvAnT :D. They crack me up! I think money will be better spent on other science!