What to do when Mother Nature doesn't want to cooperate.

What to do when Mother Nature doesn't want to cooperate.

I thought it might be nice to share ideas on solving gardening problems.

My daughter was telling me her pepper plants are not getting enough sunlight because other plants shot up so fast and are blocking the suns rays.

Of course, the obvious is to transplant the peppers, but she doesn't have a place to put them. Also, transplanting may be more than unhealthy plants can stand.

I suggested she try buying a wide roll of aluminum foil and angling it to redirect the suns rays when the plants are in the shade. She would have to readjust the foil every 20 minutes to keep the reflection hitting the plants, but I bet it would work.

Also, I hear people complain about the cooler weather stunting grow. While the plants are small enough, plastic pales could be placed over the plants to intensify and hold the heat. It would be like a green house. The covering is also useful to prevent frost killing your plants.
Those are all wonderful ideas that I never thought about .

I have a very small space so a lot of my veg gets put into large containers .

But this year we have had such cool weather that nothing is at the level it should be for this time of year and they say that we have already broken the record for the coolest summer . Great !!! Well it's true , we have no control and God is in control and we just have to make the best of it .

OUr fresh strawberries that I wait all year for were so taisteless and watery . Aparently because of all the rain most of them rotted in the fields.

Now today it is warmer but is raining and we are expecting rain for four days straight .

I guess the up side is we are in a garbage strike and this is day number 31 with no sign of settlement and if it had been really hot .... I don't want to even think about the smell . People are getting so angry as their houses sit accross from temporary dump sites. that are in parks and anywhere there is an empty space. What an immage for a big city . We already hit the front page of the McLeans Magazine .. wsith our mayor sitting in a garbage can and the caption says " Toronto Stinks"

Toronto stinks - Canada - Macleans.ca
Oh my gosh..... that sounds terrible!

We have six in my family and a garbage disposal to help keep the garbage costs down. But we still have a large bag of garbage to put out every week.

I can't imagine what we would do if they went on strike.

We plan to move into our new house this weekend, so hopefully I can get my plants in the ground next week. I must say, tho, I have a lot of contro; over how much sunlight and water they get being in pots.