What would the format be?

What would the format be?

I could use a little assistance.
My ex-wife and I went to the world convention in Hawaii about 3 years ago. (we split up right after that)
She has the complete set of speakers from the convention on a CD. I loaded it on our computer and converted the format so they could be listened to and burned onto CDs individually. There were a total of 66 speakers. She is now trying to get the CD to work on her computer. I have our old computer. I don’t remember what I did to convert the format. I know the CD came with an instruction sheet, but I’m sure that is long gone. Does anyone know what the format would be to fit about 60 hours worth of speakers onto one CD? And what the steps would be to convert each one into mp3 on the computer? I’m in Minnesota and she is in California so I can’t physically try to figure it out.

Thanks and God bless
Who Am I - .mp3 format can be converted into various other .mp3 format levels. The bitrate can be brought down, allowing for smaller files at the expense of quality of playback.

For example, I read some bodybuilding articles into a digital recorder over a period of time and wanted to squeeze them all onto one CD. As they were, I could only fit 20 articles onto one CD.

I opened the .mp3 files and used Audacity to lower the bitrate so I could fit more onto one CD. When I was done, I fit 80 articles onto one CD with room to spare.

I don't know of any other formats that would squeeze all that playtime onto one CD. .wav would be too long, I'd think.

The thing with lower bitrates and the new Windows MediaPlayer is that it won't play back correctly. Sometimes it'll sound all chipmunky and makes me want to rush out and paint my toenails.:eek:

How old is your computer?
The computer I loaded them on originally is about 8 years old. 4 GB hard drive.
My ex has a newer laptop, and I know it was an odd format on the original CD. Like I said, over 60 hours worth. When I converted them to mp3 they all had a high bitrates and sounded good. I do remember with the instructions I started with the run program and once it started converting them, it created it’s own folder and saved them all in mp3. That was almost 3 years ago. My memory isn’t that good anymore.

Oh well… I’ll worry about it later. I’ve got to get ready for a bike ride. Warm and sunny today, but we’re suppose to get 6 inches of snow Friday. :mad:

I guess I’ll be home painting my toenails Friday night. :)
.. What you need to know from her is the file extention, .mp3, .wav or many others and you need to know what program she is trying to use to replay them. If sghe will place the CD into her drive and then right click one of the files and select Properties she will see exactly the file extention and then it will be possible to assist her.

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Have her send you a sample by postal mail in a impact protected CD mailer envelope and have your local computer GEEK SQUAD or similar analyze what format is on the CD. Then, you can chat with them about converting. She could do the same thing at her location if she wishes.