What's bad about good news?

Not a thing!

Not a thing! Nothing at all!

Several weeks ago the Holy Spirit told me very plainly as I lay on the couch "ALL WILL BE WELL". There are many things we've been praying about and I knew this was covering them all. A fear not.

About a two weeks ago I got a call from the doctors office telling me the results of my last lab work showed my kidneys were functioning at a "low, level". This tried to unsettle me but:

Psalms 112:7 (NKJV) He will not be afraid of evil tidings; His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.

I've worn this scripture to a nub in the past 40 years.

I was told to drink plenty of liquids and come back on the 8th to draw blood for lab work to check. I started drinking more water and some Cranberry juice which is a kidney friendly liquid. I do not drink any Cokes/carbonated drinks and just a little coffee some tea, mostly water. The clinic called back this morning and reported "everything looks OK"! Am I rejoicing? You better believe it. I was never afraid and am indescribably thankful to Jesus for hearing our prayers...and giving me an answer of peace. All will be well and I praise God for it! He gave me news of His deliverance before I even needed it. I wanted to give Him the glory He so truly deserves.

I've got a book full of deliverances the Lord has worked just in our family. How much in all the earth? As the Scriptures says the world couldn't contain the books that could be written of his deeds!

Early this morning way before daylight I stepped outside and was praising God. It was cool and clear and a lone cricket chirped. As I worshipped the Lord He showed me a brief image in the spirit of a flowing river and next to it an extension cord with a plug on the end. He said "just stay plugged in son"! The river was His grace flowing eternally from His throne. Everything that God provides. we stay plugged in by praise and worship.

By maintaining a right and repentant, thankful true heart before him we never lack the abundant peace that ever flows by us. It can flow right by us but we must be plugged in to receive of it. With his assistance, the Holy Spirit come to me by promise, I desire never to be unplugged again from all He has and and all He is. As brother Paul has written, to know Him and the power of His resurrection. No plug ins but to be hard wired to the flow! Amen
What is bad about good news?
  1. I have nobody to blame for my defects of character and shortcomings.
  2. No more reason to be fearful. That is, no more excuses for being angry, resentful, jealous, envy, greedy, anxious.
  3. No more ego to nurture and promote. No more reasons to be vain, boast, gloat, revenge.
  4. Have to give up all my stories of self-promotion, exaggerations, false tales of legacies.
  5. No more stealing things to get things for free.
  6. No longer gain things from others through lies, emotional blackmail, and threats.
  7. Having to be responsible for every one of my own thoughts and actions.
  8. Have to give up a life I already know even if it means suffering for me and others.
  9. Have to rely on faith rather than self assurance of planning and scheming everything to go my way.
  10. I short, I have to forego my self, everything I worked so hard to fabricate and believe in.
What is good about the bad news?
  1. Nothing. It never ever gets better, even if it looks good on the outside, the inside is rotted with fears.