What's in Heaven. Your room is ready tell your friends about God.

Hello Everyone, I just thought i'd share this message about sharing the Gospel, God Bless you all..


86. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 11 June 1992 at 2:51 AM. Thursday, in tongues, Spanish.

House, My House. They are ready, the rooms in Heaven for My Saints. Hear Me! Hear Me! It's all clean and everything is ready. The day that you come to Heaven with My Son, everything is going to be clean, for nothing in Heaven is dirty. And you can live in Heaven for all the days that there are days. You can do whatever you want. You can work. You can eat. You can take vacations. You can do whatever you want, but everything is clean. My Saints have to be clean, that's the only thing that I want. They have to be clean. There is much Happiness here.

This is your Father with Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Hear Me! Heaven is waiting for you because the time is here, that I said to your Father's, Fathers, Fathers, Fathers. For what I say is the truth, but I want you to look for your Brothers and your Sisters. I want you to tell them about Christ, My Son, because they cannot come to Heaven without looking for My Son Jesus. The Christ of the whole World, of all that is.

Yes. Hear Me! Call your Brothers and Sisters on the telephone, by mail, however you want. Start now because time is running out. Hurry! Write to your brother; to your friend; to your girl friend, tell them that Heaven is open for everyone who loves My Son Jesus, and Me, the Father and the Holy Spirit. For there isn't anything here in this World that can save you, just Death with the devil.

Did you hear Me? Then clean your eyes and your ears because the day is coming of Jesus, My Son. Yes, call! Call everyone that you can; call in the streets; on the roads; in the restaurants, yes, on the train, on the bus, wherever. Tell them about Christ, about Heaven, about your Father, and about the Holy Spirit, because We love you with all our Hearts. And everything is clean and ready here. Your room! Your room, your bed, your table, your chair that you love so much. "I" This is your Father. This is your Father with the Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.