What's the newest CD you bought?

What's the newest CD you bought?

Okay, so I am in the same boat as the vast majority of families on the planet that have to weigh the costs of getting a new media gadget against the survival rate (I have small wrecking ball kidlets). So right now the possibility of small hands smashing things like an Ipod or Zune is very high. And of course most of the time the disposable coin is low.

A few days ago I found a CD player that also played MP3 discs. So I can do the old school and buy CDs as well as store my MP3s on a CD and tote them around with me. Win/win, I say!

Anyway, this all leads me to my current question at hand: What new music have you aquired? A few weeks back a buddy of mine gave me some CDs like Cross Movment, Ambassador, FLAME's first two CDs, and a slew of other stuff because he didn't "do CDs anymore." I also picked up DC Talk's 10th Annaversary Jesus Freak CD, which has the original CD as well as another CD with the same songs, but were either in original format or remixed. Good stuff. Anyone else get some cool stuff to worship our Lord with?

Nobody has anything? I was hoping some would, being that Christian music is severly lacking in the advertisment department. As in, what out there is good? What should I avoid?


I believe it was named after David's battle with Goliath where he faced that giant with faith, a sling and seven smooth stones.:D

WOW! I really liked that song, You Are Welcome Here. I wonder where they came up with a name like PocketFullofRocks?


I get most of my cd's from Sound and Spirit. They offer 12 Christian cd's for the price of one but if you count shipping that is till only around $6.00 per cd which is a real bargain. You also have no continued obligation to buy once you have purchased the one and receive the 11 freebies- a great deal by any standard. I rejoin every few years as they send me offers.
I picked up Casting Crowns' The Alter And The Door and The Afters' Never Going Back To OK.

Casting Crowns is as always excelent on this particular CD. It seems that they have a knack for being filled by the Spirit and pour it all into an album that speaks volumes in each song. Clearly God has assembled a group that can show us all what worship really is about.

This is the first time I purchased a CD by The Afters. And so far I like their sound. To me it's a mix of Switchfoot and Kutless with a unique twist. It's a group that can easily cater to the new believer in Christ. Someone who would be timid to buy a Christian-themed CD because their mind still rings of a secular sound. It's also a sound for the seasoned believer who wants to crank up the volume and praise the Lord with music that is slightly rough around the edges.
Alrighty I have two more for ya'll. I went back to Waly World because I realized I have some coin left on a gift card that my mother-in-law sent me. She thinks she's paying ahead for when she is too old to handle the daily life, and she's hoping we won't toss her into an old folks home. I think she's crazy. We'll never do that. Anyway, back to my story.

I flew back to Wally World to pick up some Gatorade for work. 32oz Gatorade for 75 cents? Steal. I grab ten. I also purchased two more CDs. Jeremy Camp's Stay, and Steven Curtis Chapman's This Moment Special Edition.

Jeremy Camp's Stay? Bangin'. Never purchased his works before, and I must say I am impressed. Rockin' sounds and lyrics that hit home. Must have. Two thumbs up only because God didn't give me three.

Steven Curtis Chapman's This Moment? There's never anything bad to say about Chapman. His work always has that positive message. It is better than Speechless in my opinion. But I like that one too. The funny thing about this was the price tag was wrong. It had a $11.99 tag on it, but when I got home I noticed it was $9.70. It did have a few tags on it, so who knows what the real one was.

Man, my reviews must stink because I have no negative reviews. But then again we are speaking about Heaven's soundtrack... :D


well I am going to stick my neck out and name a SECULAR CD. I buy cd's very few and far between these days. But I picked up a greatest hits album by the Corrs. I really like their sound, especially when they lean to the Irish side of themselves.
Coldplay,s viva la vida.My fav song is speed of sound from theyre old album.It lifts me up towards jesus.

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:D - CD ? What's that ? I'm still using 8-Track tapes and 33-1/3 RPM records...:D

Seriously, I just purchased the Celtic Woman 2008 tour concert on DVD entitled "A New Journey" as well as their "A Christmas Tradition" CD.

I also received my copy of the Trans Siberian Orchestra's CD release entitled "Christmas Eve and Other Stories."

That last one on the list really tests the Sony sub-woofer !!! :)