When do you get stronger?

When do you get stronger?

Do you have an important race coming up soon? What is the best way to ready for your best effort?
Is it more hard workouts? Is it best to get in a few more tough training sessions? It is not about training and breaking your body down, but building it back up. That only happens with rest. When you rest your body can rebuild your muscles and you get stronger. You can still run, swim, or cycle. Just do it for less time and at a very easy pace. If you feel like you are going to get out of shape, don’t worry. There have some world class athletes that have gotten sick or injured. They were forced to take some time off. When they returned to competition, they set World or American records and won championships.
What can you do to help your recovery? Extra sleep at night, naps, massages, saunas, steam rooms, soaking in cold water, drinking lots water, an easy hike, or a recreational activity that you enjoy.
This rest time can also be called a taper. After you taper before an important event, it is important to wake your body up again. Doing some hard efforts that are not too long, will wake your body up. It will remind your body to go hard and fast. I have had some incredible races after a good taper. I can look back at my training logs and see that the rest did wonders.

Gerry Geraghty
Coach Endurance Fellowship