When Games Become Too Much

To pass the time, I like to either read, draw, sing, or play a good game to kick some evil behind! Or write if I feel inspired. Anyway, I chose to play a game called World of Warcraft (yes, many of you must be cringing in your seats). Today was my first time doing what is called a "random dungeon". That is where people choose what dungeons they want to go into but they don't know who with until it starts. My character is a Priest and my job is to heal and support players. Now when everyone died everyone seemed to have a beef with me "not healing". They weren't crazy happy to learn that I was completely new to the game and instead of encouraging me to try again, they said their peice about me and left.
I don't understand the logic behind this behaviour. I thought games were supposed to be fun and not a job to keep people happy. It's really too bad, I do like the game and I don't spend hours upon hours on it. Has anyone else met this misfortune in games like this too?
This is a seriously addictive role-play game. Role-play games have a huge following. I can't speak from experience having never played this game, but you probably were playing with people who make this game their life. I'm not kidding! There is a reason this game is referred to as divorce in a box!
lol!! You know, I've heard that before in-game and it's really unfortunate that those people can't or don't know how to prioritize their life in the Real World. It's also sad to know that these people will drop reality entirely to get sucked into a virtual life. I thank God I am not one of those people and can refrain from playing too much! Thanks God! :D
No! I refuse to think of this world that God created for us as a vaccuum for silly addicions! :eek:
Miaschoen and you are both right, I think. The world is full of things that suck us in, but it is the condition of man that makes it so. By that I mean that is is due to things within us that cause us to obsess over things in the world.


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Here are some lessons I learned from my time on MMORPGs when I used to play them (most from Warcraft):

1 > I'm really not very social online
2 > Other people are likely to annoy me
3 > I'm always going to annoy or anger everyone I encounter regardless of how I handle it
4 > I'm the only one who realizes that it's a game
5 > If you pretend to be a girl, you will be a LOT more popular and everyone will give you everything you ever need
6 > Everyone hates new players
And I guess there's a reason why there are 6 lessons instead of 7 :p
I can say yes to all but 1. I am social and others seem to talk to me in confidence. It's like they know they can trust me right off the bat in both reality and in-game. Kinda strange. :confused:
My favourite game to play is not a computer game per se, nor one that others will get mad at you about, becuase you are the only one playing... and its actually good for you! It's called Kinect Adventures! So much fun! And it can actually be like an exercise program if you want it to be! :)


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Right now I'm using a game called Zombies, Run! to workout. It's an iPhone app that plays your music list, but in between the songs you receive various radio communications that tell the story of a zombie apocalypse. Basically, you are a runner who goes out for supplies while the zombies chase you. It makes my daily runs much more interesting.