When God Asks Too Much

May 6, 2020
South Carolina
Life is not always easy, for in life there is great joy but there is also sadness and sorrow. Plans do not always work out as we hope and dreams do not always come true, and prayers are not always answered as we desire. The thought that comes to mind is that life has its disappointments. As a Christian I have entered into a covenant relationship with the Lord God and his beloved Son, Jesus, by being baptized to receive his spirit. In that covenant I asked the Lord to forgive and to wash away all my sin and to dwell within this temple of clay. But it is a covenant and like all covenants there are conditions. I seek a deeper level of surrender and a deeper level of acceptance, for when we surrender to God we must accept his will and his desire, and we must obey him and do as he asks. What if God asks too much of us? What if he allows there to be sickness that tests our faith and belief? What if he allows death to come unto unborn and precious children? What if our greatest desires go unfulfilled?

The promises of the Lord's covenant are many, and they are magnificent, but in our daily walk there can be burdens and challenges most difficult to face. Will the Lord ask too much of us? In time of trial we must find acceptance and to have constants in our life will help us to do so. All of us face circumstances not of our own choosing for time and chance affect us and the choices of others affect us. In sunshine or in storm there must be constants in the life of the righteous. The things that are constant in our life make up the framework of our life. If we set our heart and mind to honor the Lord in all that we do then this constant pattern will guide every day. No matter what each day brings do we give glory and honor unto the Lord, and do we seek the Lord in all of our ways and praise the Lord in all things? The hardest part of surrender is acceptance, but there is great power in acceptance and to truly grow in the presence of the Lord we must accept that he is the Lord God above all and we must accept his will even when his will is not our will.