When I am all alone.

When I am all alone.


When I am all alone,
I ask to be taken home,
But Lord you said ,
You will never leave me,
As I lay on my bed,
Fill me Lord with more of you,
Only then I will be made anew,
I want to just please you,
Just take me as I am,
Your love will hold me,
You are a forgiving Lord,
Save me Jesus,
Don't put me to the sword,
I see the tears in your eyes,
Help me to stop telling lies,
I need to hear only the truth,
Open my eyes to read your word,
Jesus you shine so birght,
Come to me this night,
You see all this junk filling my mind,
I know Jesus you forgive,
Please come and forgive me now,
When you speak you are so kind.

written by ramon 18/5/09

God ask me to write this as it was for someone who was suffering :fish:
I got a lot out of it too, Raymond! I just finished watching a vampire movie with my husband, and I knew it was not something I wanted my spirit to ingest, but I kept on watching. I willfully sinned I believe. And I'm not saying Christians should not watch vampire movies, only those who felt convicted as I did. Thanx for posting.
Yes you are so true in what you just said, SweetSurrender well we do feel when something does not sit right in our souls,and we feel convicted, I go thro that as well,but a big NO to those vampire films for me no way!! but each to their own.

I was nodged back by Godbe4me as I write else where as well,and I have to spend more time here???

God loves you