when we are in trouble

Feb 17, 2008
When we are in trouble
When the storms of earthly misfortunes destroy our stability and security, and there is no one to help us, we feel very alone and helpless. Even our prayers and meditations seem to become sterile and fruitless. Our cries seem like, they go unheard and our faith begins to crumble. Even our friends begin to say, “Why doesn’t God help him”. However, this is the time when our heart can find victory in God; because, this is the time when we are most likely to become humble and surrender our will to him. This allows us to accept God’s help; and turn our life around. We should, therefore, seize this opportunity by surrendering our will totally to God. This means that we are open to whatever God asks of us; and at all time live for God, by focusing our attention on the needs of others, rather than our own. Furthermore, we must keep this resolve alive in our heart by constantly meditating on God's love for us. We must accept the fact that, if the world and everyone in it fails us, God will never fail us; because in his infinite love, he sacrificed his life for us.
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Dec 19, 2014
New Zealand

Humiliation is a hard road for many people but we need to do it. Thats why Jesus said go into your prayer closet and shut the door. If you cry nobody else can see or hear except for God. And He will answer. As he gives grace to the humble.
Mar 29, 2020
United Kingdom-London
I have identified kinds of trouble. There may be more. The first is easy, it comes from my foolish actions, too many to recount. The second is the trouble the enemy sends (satan), The third, and biblical, is the trouble God, allows to test us, I use test not tempt. The fourth can be from others, some of which I may play a part, implicit or explicit. Hope that is not too contentious.
Apr 9, 2020
New York
In James ch. 1 the writer tells us to rejoice in all kinds of troubles but not because the trouble itself is good. He says that because he expects us to come through the trouble successfully which leads to maturity and stronger faith. This is also seen in Psalm 119 where the psalmist says it was good he was afflicted because it lead to him learning God's decrees.
So the Bible says it but in addition to this I saw the proof of it in the 1990's. I went through several yrs of various illnesses and one had me thinking death was at my door. I was saved back then but my faith had not yet become very strong. When I saw that the doctors couldn't seem to help me I started to pray in a renewed earnest. Eventually I got well and upon being well I had stronger faith. This sort of thing has happened to me many times in the last 20 yrs, although the trouble wasn't always illness. Each time it has lead to me growing in the Lord.