Where In The Faith Are You?

The presence of law (in general) is evidence to the existence of lawless ones. The resolution to lawlessness is not to instill the desire to obey, resulting from consequences of punishment for disobedience to law, but by instilling the desire for obedience, resulting from union and fellowship with the Lawgiver.​
I like how J.B. Stoney allegorizes the concept of varying levels of maturity in the Christian life: “There is such a thing as an Outer Court Christian. There is such a thing as a Holy Place Christian. And there is such a thing as a Holy of Holies Christian.​
The Outer Court Christian knows only the truth of sacrifice and cleansing. The pattern of his life is getting soiled, then cleansed; soiled, then cleansed. He only knows the truth of the Alter and the Laver.​
The Holy Place Christian has advanced beyond the Laver and has become acquainted with the way of the Father. He has eaten from the table of showbread; he has poured out his heart as incense before the Father. This believer knows of the Father’s provision and guidance, yet he still lives on the shadow side of the veil.​
Then there is the Holy of Holies Christian. May God increase their number! These are occupied with the Father and the Son. They are in the position of fellowship, rest and worship. It is the “secret place of the Most High,” where they enjoy intimate union with the Father and His Beloved Son.”​
Regardless of the level of maturity in our conforming “to the image of Christ” (Rom 8:29; 2 Cor 3:18), we are “hid with Christ in God” (Col 3:3) as God is always working in us “both to will and to do of His good pleasure” (Phil 2:13).​