Where is Heaven?

Heaven does not need to be a big place, an earth size location is more than enough space.
I believe in Heaven, that it is a real physical location,
but where exactly is it?
When people have near death experiences they experience a tunnel effect,
this tunnel effect is said to be that as you approach the speed of light you experience a tunnel,
so, my guess is that a dead human in a spiritual body goes zoom out of the earths atmosphere,
as they approach the speed of light they go through the tunnel [which is just an effect of going fast]
then go to beyond light speed perhaps as much as 200 times the speed of light per second, er, I think? for about a few seconds.
So where would they end up?
The nearest system is Alpha Centauri, at 4.37 LY [light years]
or Epsilon Eridani at 10.5 LY [I think that has verifiable planets]
or it could be Polaris system[the north star] at 430 LY
This assumes that a dark matter portal connection exists between the planet heaven and the planet earth?
Heaven is a extra dimensional bubble that surrounds the earth but is invisible due to its parallel dimension.
or Heaven is an invisible planet located within our solar system.
What are your thoughts on Revelation 21?
that would suggest heaven is an area, say above Israel, in the upper atmosphere or just outside it that exist in a parallel dimension,
it may exist over a limited area or surround the earth in a bubble?
I think that is most likely since Elijah and Jesus ascended up a certain distance into a zone,
and the two witnesses in the end times will ascend up into the zone.
But the zone must not be a complete energy only zone, but be just out of synch with our reality because there are physically people there: Enoch, Elijah, Jesus.
Its within you as well as without you...it is not a physical spacial location...it is a realm...the most real of the various realms (Paul calls it the third heaven) it is the place God has designed for Him to be able to reveal Himself to His children (angels included)...it is NOT a place bigger than God in which He dwells (as if less than) though indeed He does dwell there while simultaneously being far more transcendent and beyond our comprehension then we could grasp (but we know Him well enough as He has revealed Himself)